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dehumidifier box TY-2001

dehumidifier box TY-2001

Function:  Anti moisture from air,absorb over 200 percent moisture, away from fungi and bacteria,build a healthy living environment.

absorb formaldehyde

humidity down

away from mildew

make air dry and fresh,remove bad smell


Material:  Calcium chloride,plastic

Where to Use:   Household,hotel. kitchen,living room, bedroom,washing room,bathroom,toilet.cabinet,shoe case,wardrobe,bookshelf,new decoration house,home,car

Fragrance. flower, lavander, lemon and can be customized


1.Easy use,place convenient with small space.

2.Transparent box,easy observe water collection.

3.Efficient powerful moisture adsorption.

4.Remove excess moisture,damp,low down humidity,prevent mold growth and eliminate odors


1.Remove lid and peel off sealing aluminum foil cover, do not broken white safety cover in place. Replace grill lid.

2.Place the moisture absorber box on a flat surface.

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